Onsite Clinics

Introducing a better way to provide the healthcare services your people need

With Archer Health, you can offer accessible, comprehensive healthcare to your employees at an affordable price. Put employee health first with high-quality, convenient care and cutting-edge technology.

Reduce overall healthcare spend

Our onsite clinic is designed to work in your space.

There are no expensive buildout costs here. Our onsite clinic will help to reduce expensive claims and overall medical care costs by decreasing emergency room and urgent care visits as well as procedures.

At Archer Health, we believe that higher engagement in healthcare services means happier, healthier, and more productive employees.

Increase access to care for your people

Employees spend an average of 121 minutes on each off-site medical appointment. Only a fraction of this time is spent addressing actual medical concerns.

Onsite clinics reduce time lost to medical appointments by 70% while ensuring that your people get the healthcare and wellness support they need. Archer Health combines experienced medical staff with flexible, scalable scheduling to bring you convenience, accessibility, and affordability.

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Interested in learning what an onsite healthcare clinic can do for your organization? Whether you're ready to get started or still exploring options, we're here to help.

Reach out to our team and find out more about reducing healthcare costs and elevating employee benefits with Archer Health.

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