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Still settling for rigid, conventional, costly healthcare benefits? With Archer Health, you can invest in your people while reducing your overall healthcare spend. We’re proud to be the low-cost, market leader, offering on-demand, onsite healthcare for organizations with as few as 100 employees.

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The healthcare industry is changing rapidly. Is your company adapting?

Attract talent, increase engagement, reduce absenteeism, lower healthcare spend, and prioritize employee health with modern healthcare solutions designed for today's workforce.

Employer healthcare costs growing at


rate of inflation


of all ER visits are unnecessary



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more likely to stay with employer with onsite healthcare

Adapt with Archer Health: Comprehensive employee health & wellness services

Our services provide peace of mind, flexibility, and the highest standard of care at a price that makes sense for your business.


Onsite Clinics

Onsite clinics for healthcare you can count on: when and where you need it most


Archer RX

Integrated, convenient onsite pharmacies for reduced costs and increased medication adherence


Virtual Care

Round the clock telemedicine care at no additional cost


Latest Technology

Industry-leading tools embedded into your healthcare solution to ensure security, accessibility, and convenience

Archer Health Features

We're helping companies like yours elevate the employee health experience


Self-insured Industrial Truck Dealership and Repair Firm with 200 Employees in Nashville, TN


Bi-weekly onsite clinic, telemedicine, onsite pharmacy


12% reduction in company's PEPM medical & pharmacy spending

» 45% reduction in ER visits

» 38% reduction in Urgent Care visits

» 35% reduction in hospital admissions

» 15% reduction in procedures

Benefits of Offering Onsite Employee Health Services in the Workplace

No matter what size of business you have, healthy employees are essential to your bottom line. Employee health services such as wellness programs and onsite clinics have been proven to increase employee engagement, boost mental health, encourage good health behaviors and increase employee loyalty. Read on to learn more benefits of offering workplace health services at your business.

Easy Access to Quality Care

Your busy employees might not have time to go to the doctor for their health issues. When they need help with minor health issues such as a sore throat, fever or earache, access to a nurse practitioner or physician at the workplace promotes health access. They won't have to miss work or make a special trip to get the care they need.

Early Health Screenings for Chronic Diseases

Many Americans have chronic health conditions they don't know about. High blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar are a few common problems that can improve from early detection and treatment. When your human resources department provides access to these health screenings, your employees can be treated for their conditions before they develop serious and costly complications.

Improve Workplace Health and Safety

Onsite health clinics improve workplace health and safety. Employees can manage their chronic conditions in a more efficient way. A person who experiences an on-the-job injury can be seen immediately. The clinician can do triage in order to determine if there's a need for a trip to the emergency department. Avoiding a costly ER trip saves both employers and employees money.


Our Partners Say It Best

  • "It is of utmost importance not just from a pure claims perspective, but also a quality of life and productivity perspective, that we are removing as many barriers as possible to accessing quality primary care. Archer Health has served that role for many of our clients. We have encountered many situations where the Archer Health team has caught a potentially very serious condition and intervened to prevent a very large claim.

    On the other end of the spectrum, they have also done a great job at managing the care of those that are living with chronic conditions currently. The financial and cultural impact that we are seeing is very impressive."

  • "Archer Health has been instrumental in dramatically decreasing the number of emergency room, urgent care and physician office visits for my client. Additionally, the ability to see a Nurse Practitioner during or after work has been an absolute hit with employees. In terms of attracting and retaining employees, it has been a differentiator for my client."

  • "Archer Health has proven to be an invaluable asset to our organization. Our internal wellness scores have increased substantially since implementing and our employee usage has been through the roof. In addition, our absenteeism has decreased while engagement scores have consistently increased. I am thoroughly confident this is a direct result of utilizing Archer Health's services. The team has been an absolute pleasure to work with and this investment in our employees has truly resulted in quantifiable gains for our organization. I could not recommend their services enough."

  • "We are very pleased with Archer Health. We’ve used them for about a year so far and plan to continue to do so. The pricing is competitive and the service provider at our location is top-notch. Our team really connected with the NP and it is evident she truly cares for our team. Though COVID saw most of our team working from home, many folks were still able to see the practitioner using telehealth options. Our team is getting the quality medical care they need and deserve and it will pay dividends for our company for years. If you are looking for a high-quality healthcare solution for your team that will do what they say they are going to do, Archer Health is the way to go."

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