Your onsite, integrated pharmacy for personalized, employee-focused care

Offer direct access and greater costs savings to your employees with an onsite pharmacy. ArcherRX offers prescriptions at zero-cost to the employee, medication counseling by onsite pharmacists, and easy refills. Goodbye long wait times, hello patient-centered healthcare.

Increased Medication Adherence

50% of medications for chronic diseases are not taken as prescribed.

Poor medication adherence increases the risk of significant, life-threatening health concerns. Your onsite pharmacy will not only provide employees with a convenient way to fill prescriptions, but it'll also provide them with direct access to care management education and pharmacist-facilitated counseling.

Why You Need an Onsite Pharmacy

Everyone knows that waiting for prescriptions or trying to get refills can be among the more time-consuming and frustrating parts of taking care of your health. That’s why we offer Archer Rx -- our onsite pharmacy care option that lets you give your employees convenient access to their medication.

Traveling to a pharmacy during work hours may be inconvenient for your employees, and it often means they will need to take time off from work to do so. Here are some reasons why an onsite pharmacy is a good idea that benefits employers and employees alike.

The Benefits of an Onsite Pharmacy

An onsite pharmacy offers plenty of benefits to your employees:

  • • More convenient way for your employees to get their prescription drugs.
  • • Your employees will also have an easier time sticking to their medication schedule for a chronic condition.
  • • Your pharmacy team can build relationships with your employees.
  • • And finally, you'll get more patient-centered care, which often leads to better outcomes.

If you choose to have an onsite pharmacy at your location, you and your employees can benefit from various pharmacy services. For example, your employees can see the side effects of specialty medication quickly. They can also have their prescriptions filled while working instead of having to leave the premises and stand in line at a pharmacy.

A Healthier Workforce

When you pair onsite health clinic services with onsite pharmacy services, it’s easier to have healthier and happier employees. Not only do these benefits help with employee retention, but can also help you attract new employees.

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